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Online Course Graphic Design

This state-approved online course is ideal for continuing your professional education in graphic and communication design. You will receive practical know-how and feedback from design professionals.

OfG Online Course Graphic Design
  • State-approved
  • 100% online – no presence on site
  • Course language: English or German
  • 12 modules that you can complete flexibly
  • 189 Euro per modul
  • Utilization of the German Bildungsgutschein
  • Graduation: Certified Graphic Designer (OfG)
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Online Fernstudium Grafikdesign; Farbkreis

Study Graphic Design – become a graphic designer!

Has it always been your dream to be creative? Would you like to work as a graphic designer, develop creative concepts, implement ideas and design them yourself?

Studying graphic design means making your own creativity visible and communicating clearly and visually.

More and more companies and service providers are focusing on convincing visual communication and positioning themselves on the market with an unmistakable corporate identity (CI) - and graphic designers play a key role in this.

Graphic designers translate specific orders into concise and easy-to-understand designs. They plan, draft and conceptualize design solutions and accompany the entire process through to the market-ready product.

In this state-approved online course, you will learn to apply basic design principles, create graphic forms, make confident color decisions and use typography skillfully. You will develop logos, brands and image campaigns, screen designs and magazine titles and implement them precisely and professionally.

After successfully completing the course, you will have everything you need to work successfully as a graphic designer.

Turn your vocation into your profession.

Note: If you do not yet have any experience with graphics software, we recommend our online training course Adobe Graphics Software. (course language: German).

Boost your career with the OfG!


You can go through the 12 modules of our online learning program flexibly at your own pace. This allows you to complete the course for alongside your job or studies as online further education. This is what we specialize in.


At the OfG, you will implement practical projects under realistic conditions. Our tasks are specially tailored to the respective areas of communication design. You benefit from the know-how of our experienced specialists.


The course is continuously updated with current topics.

First class

We have been developing and updating our courses in close cooperation with renowned graphic designers, media designers, marketing experts, design and advertising agencies and international companies since 2010.

100 % online

Lernplattform an der OfG; Grafikdesign

Further your education - when and where you want.

  • The teaching material is available to you completely online. It consists of texts in combination with graphics, examples, exercises, animations and videos that you can call up.
  • There are no live webinars and therefore no set times when you have to be online.
  • You go through the course at your own time and at your own pace, so you have full flexibility in terms of time and location.
  • Our platform can be used via any modern browser on a PC or Mac.

Your guarantee

  • No hidden costs
  • Unconditional price guarantee
  • 14 days money-back guarantee
  • Monthly cancelable
  • Up to 100% eligible for funding
  • Unrestricted access to your learning content
Absolventen Erfolgsquote an der OfG!

Price guarantee: The course fees will not be increased during the contract period of your course. You receive a price guarantee for the entire duration of the course.

14-day right of withdrawal: After your registration, you can test the course for 2 weeks. During this period, you have the option to cancel the booking and receive your money back.

Our monthly cancellation right gives our graduates the flexibility to cancel the course if required, resulting in a 98% completion success rate. This ensures that only highly motivated graduates successfully complete the final project. However, should any difficulties arise, early notification will be given.

Your graphic design coaches for this course:

OfG Dozent Dozentin Marie Steiert, Grafikdesign

Marie Steiert


OfG Dozent Dozentin Svenja Lyon, Grafikdesign

Svenja Lyon


OfG Dozent Dozentin Petra Eberbach, Grafikdesign

Petra Eberbach


OfG Dozent Dozentin Karin Meyer-Haussner, Grafikdesign

Karin Meyer-Haussner


OfG Dozent Dozentin Gundula Schmidt-Moskob, Grafikdesign

Gundula Schmidt-Moskob


OfG Dozent Dozentin Inga Reineck, Grafikdesign

Inga Reineck


OfG Dozentin Jutta Krüger, Grafikdesign

Jutta Krüger


OfG Dozent Dozentin Frauke Swienty, Grafikdesign

Frauke Swienty


OfG Dozentin Christine Kern, Grafikdesign

Christine Kern


OfG Dozentin Monika Meisel, Grafikdesign

Monika Meisel


OfG Dozent Daniel Meier, Grafikdesign

Daniel Meier


OfG Dozentin Katrin Jäger, Grafikdesign

Katrin Jaeger


Modules of the online course Graphic Design

Graduate gallery of the online course Graphic Design

In each course module, you submit a practical assignment and receive professional feedback.
You can use all the work that you produce within an OfG course for your own portfolio.

That's why the OfG is the right choice for you:

01 / Practical

You will not receive ivory tower knowledge, but up-to-date know-how - from practice, for practice.

02 / Since 2010

We have been passionately developing our online training courses since 2010.

03 / Specialized

We are highly specialized in the field of design and are not a "knowledge supermarket".

04 / State of the Art

The online learning concept enables you to take part in modern, part-time further training.

05 / Flexible

Being independent of location means that the OfG degree program is ideally suited to your life situation.

06 / Your speed

There are no fixed attendance times - you decide when and at what pace you learn.

07 / Professional feedback

We analyze each submitted task and provide you with written feedback.

08 / Individual coaching

Experienced designers are on hand as coaches to help and advise you with all your projects.

09 / Service ❤

You will always receive an individual, personal and prompt answer to all your questions.

10 / Focus

Our training courses are tailored to current professional requirements.

11 / State-approved

All courses are state-approved and therefore guarantee certified quality - Made in Germany.

12 / Multiple award-winning

OfG has been a regular test winner on independent rating portals for many years.

13 / Fair guaranteed

14-day right of withdrawal and monthly termination possible. There are no hidden costs.

14 / Limited course sizes

To ensure personal success, only a limited number of participants will be admitted.

15 / Lifetime access

Permanent access to the current learning content after successful completion of a course.

16 / Certified degree

The OfG certification represents recognized quality and is proof of your skills and knowledge.

Suitable for

  • Career starters who want to work in the creative industry
  • Professionals who want to deepen their knowledge
  • Professionals who want to reorient themselves professionally
  • Marketing managers from industry, services and trade
  • Private individuals who are interested in graphic design
  • Prospective and trained media designers
  • Art and design students who want to gain further qualifications
  • Interns and trainees in advertising and design agencies

Educational goals

  • Professional skills in the field of graphic design
  • Ability to implement your ideas visually and creatively
  • Successful boost or further training in your professional life
  • Create and optimize your digital portfolio
  • Assess external design services confidently and competently
  • Personal development
  • Professional change


    • Computer with internet access
    • Passion for creativity and enjoyment of design
    • Basic knowledge of Adobe CC or comparable software


  • Note: Drawing skills are not necessary.


In order to successfully complete the online distance learning course, we require basic knowledge of software such as Adobe CC.

With the OfG confirmation of participation, you can purchase Adobe CC at a reduced education price.

For participants who have little or no experience with Adobe software, we recommend our pre-course Fundamentals of Graphics Software.

You can also use any other alternative graphics software for this course.



Boost your career with the OfG!

Job profiles

Graphic artist, graphic designer, communication designer, information designer, digital brand designer, content designer, social media content creator, UI/UX designer, screen designer, interface designer, media designer, art director, creative director ...

Time scope

You complete the 12 modules of the online distance learning course flexibly and at your own pace.

The time required for 12 months is around 10 hours per week.

Note: The time requirements must be adhered to within the framework of a grant.


Certified Graphic Designer (OfG)


Dieser Online-Fernlehrgang ist von der ZFU staatlich geprüft und zugelassen. (Zulassungsnummer: 7243512)


Supported by the German Federal Employment Agency

This distance learning course is certified according to AZAV and is 100% eligible for funding through the education voucher from the Federal Employment Agency.

Our course net ID is: 13995531 (to be provided to the employment agency).

Course fee

189 Euro per module
Fees for the entire distance learning program (12 modules): 2.268 Euro

Guaranteed: No hidden costs, examination fees or anything else. Free breaks if required. 14-day money-back guarantee.

This online course is exempt from VAT due to its state approval by the ZFU.

Course start

1. August 2024 

Attention: Limited number of participants

Note: A flexible course start is possible on request.

Boost your career with the OfG!

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